5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Car Rental in Kuwait for Long Trips

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When you are choosing your car rental company which has a sound reputation in the market, you have nothing to worry about.

1. Choosing A Reliable Car Rental Company

There are many Kuwait taxi services but the known ones are RideRove, Grand Limo, Careem, Q8 Taxi, Talyaa etc. These brands are reliably well-known because they spend a lot of time and resources to provide the level of services you need.

There are other sets of companies that may provide other fancy amenities but the wisdom of an experienced traveller says, “If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true.” So, stick with reliable car rental company that you can trust and count on. A trusted car rental company like RideRove will ensure your safe and smooth travel experience and also listen and solve if you feel any inconvenience, if any.

2. If it’s a long trip, make comfort a priority

When you are riding long and big miles, make comfort a priority over anything else. Certain cars may provide you with factors like speed or mileage, but its value diminishes when it comes to travelling in comfort . In fact, RideRove charges pocket-friendly rates for luxury cars which results in high value for money, especially for long rides.

Luxury that a Kuwait taxi service offers, like a panoramic view, sunroof, separate entertainment consoles, and roomy captain’s chairs can make your solo, family’s or friend’s trips even more fun and comfortable. Crowding in the back to save some money on a long ride will create annoyance and discomfort for you and your fellow riders.

3. Ensure the car has enough space for your luggage

Most car rental companies suggest the number of suitcases that will fit in the car you’re renting. Make sure all your luggage fits in there and also ensure extra room for the stuff you’ll carry on your return trip. In case of travelling with your family, make sure to verify the luggage capacity of the luxury car that you’re hiring. Ride Rove’s services will suggest you the most convenient car that will be able to handle extra baggage without compromising on your comfort and ease.

4. Driver’s qualifications, experience and people skills

The people who take the wheel should definitely be experienced, professional and well behaved. Almost every taxi company has failed to an extent when it comes to verifying and fact checking their driver’s background. RideRove, the most popular luxury car renting company across Kuwait, has proved to be the champion in this game. Every driver is asked to undergo a rigorous, well proofed background check as well as asked to test his driving skills under certain unusual conditions. The drivers undergo a “safe driving on roads” training that ensures that they could handle all kinds of unusual situations, if they ever encounter them  in their day to day fares.

5. Read all the terms and conditions

Always ensure you read all the rental policies carefully and yet, if there are any confusions, make sure to clear them out by talking to the car rental company.

Make sure you read about rates and quotations, liabilities you will have, kilometre allowance, conditions pertaining to additional drivers, fuel and refuel policy, late fees and penalties, grace periods and things to avoid as a designated driver.

A reliable car rental company would always make sure to include all of the above information and more which is essential to the rider’s knowledge in the rental policies.

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