How to use Rove trip?

You can enter the destination where to go and press Pickup now

How does an account get blocked or suspended?

A user's account or device can be automatically blocked by our system if it violates any of our terms and conditions, which all users accept by signing up for a Rove account.

Blocked with Cancelation?

When booking a ride, a user has the option to cancel the ride. If a cancellation occurs too often, the system will display a warning. If this is continued, the account will be blocked. Constant canceling causes a lot of confusion, and wasted time.

Negative balance in the wallet?

If a ride was not paid in full or was not paid, the account would have a negative balance that is owed. An account would be temporarily blocked until this amount is settled.

How can I reach Rove if I have a question or issue?

We want every Rove trip to be hassle-free. So we’re here to help with any kind of inquiries through: In-app Click on Menu, then, Tap Contact Us, At last, Write your question or issue.

Why drive with Rove?

Be your own boss, and earn more money! Rove gives you the opportunity to work as much as you want and whenever you like. Rove offers an unusual bonus, guarantee schemes, instant help by its call center, and life insurance during rides. Not only that, Rove has the highest fare rates for Drivers in the market.

How can I apply as a Driver?

Contact Us on or go to website and register your self then our Dispatcher will contact you for further process.

How do I edit my personal details?

You can easily update your name, mobile number, email address, and password associated with your account in the Rove app. Go to Menu > Settings and tap on the info you want to edit.

What if I didn’t receive a verification code?

To make sure you sign up with your real number, we’ll send you a verification code via SMS which you need to enter to sign up If the SMS with the code does not arrive, you can request a call from the same screen. If you still can’t receive a verification code, go to and click on Contact Us. Please provide the registered number for the account, and a Care agent will look into your issue as soon as possible. EMAIL: PHONE NO: +965 241 7235