1. The Application can be used by client's signing up account.
  2. The Company is entitled to suspend the client's use of the program in case of misuse.

User's responsibility

  1. The client shall pay the trip fees which shall be calculated by time.
  2. Payment can be made in cash, by Visa or MasterCard or by promotional code.
  3. Any refunded amounts due to trip cancellation or miscalculation of trip fees shall be added in the wallet for use in other trips, and the client may not claim for cash refund.
  4. If the client cancels within 10 minutes from the service request time, cancellation shall be free of charge. However, cancellation after such time limit shall be subject to cancellation charges to be added to the next trip.
  5. The client shall not smoke or behave in any manner prohibited by law and general decorum within the vehicle.
  6. If any damage occurs in the vehicle due to client's fault such as carrying flammable materials during his trip, the client shall pay for such damage due to his violation of the general and special terms of use and in accordance with the provisions of liability for illegal acts set forth under the Civil Law.
  7. No animals are allowed within the vehicle.
  8. Traffic fines resulting from client's violation of traffic laws and safety regulations, like negligence of fastening seat belt or accompanying a child in the front seat, shall be paid by the client, not the Company.
  9. The client shall not carry any prohibited items, and shall solely incur legal liability and compensation for any material or moral damages to the Company.
  10. The driver may end the trip at any time if he faces any annoyance from the client or if there is any risk to him or to the vehicle.
  11. The client shall indemnify the Company and fully pay, on behalf of the Company, for any claims or legal actions filed against the Company by any other person on account of client's breach of these terms.

Company's responsibility

  1. In case of a broken-down vehicle, all reasonable endeavors shall be made to arrange for an alternative vehicle for the client to resume his trip, but the alternative vehicle must not be the same type.
  2. The Company is responsible for any message, email or link to be sent through the domain.
  3. The Company many amend the terms and conditions at any time according to any new legislations that may be enacted, and your use of the service constitutes a consent to this condition.
  4. If the vehicle request is confirmed on the program, the program shall enable the client to see all information of the driver such as the driver's photo and name, vehicle type and driver's phone number. The trip fees shall be estimated if the client sets the destination.
  5. Parking charges shall be added by a tariff different from the trip tariff and shall be applied by KD ( ) per hour, and fractional hours shall be calculated as a complete hour, provided that parking hours do not exceed three hours.
  6. The trip fees shall be updated or changed from time to time depending on the market price and economic variables, and the Company is not under obligation to notify the clients of increasing the riding tariff.
  7. The Company shall not accommodate more than one client in the same vehicle in one trip even if the route is the same for observing security and privacy standards.
  8. The Company is not liable for loss of client's baggage inside the vehicle.
  9. The driver is entitled to cancel the trip if the client wishes to allow more than the allowed number of passengers according to the provisions of the traffic law. A cancelled trip shall be subject to charges of KD 2.
  10. The Company shall abide by the maximum limit of privacy of the client's personal information. By accepting such policy, the client agrees to collection and use of his personal information only in accordance with the privacy policy and in a limited manner. Also, no entity may obtain the client's information except the judicial authorities or investigation departments upon a written authorization from those entities as long as such disclosure helps in a judicial investigation being conducted by those entities.
  11. This privacy policy applies to all personal information which the client provides to the Company ("User's information") on the website or the mobile phone application.
  12. The Company shall not indemnify the client materially or morally for any accident injury resulting from third party fault.