5 Useful Taxi Booking Apps to Travel in Kuwait

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Be it for tourists, residents or corporate travelers, Kuwait tends to provide an abundant number of options when it comes to affordable and safe travel. Taxis, Buses, Motorbikes and ferries are the most common ways of transport in Kuwait, where railways are yet to be introduced. Kuwait has an extensive road network developed which is appropriately lit and safe. But when one is looking for fun and unique ways of traveling in Kuwait, self-driving is something that is not recommended.

Though there is availability of public transport, you might want to explore the alternative of renting a taxi in Kuwait from online taxi service in Kuwait or you can rent a motorbike too but renting a motorbike is not as good an option as taxi booking. There are various amazing applications that help you book your ride seamlessly. Let’s have a look at the top five applications that are quite renowned amongst the people when it comes to hiring a ride!

1.     RideRove – This luxury taxi rental company based in Kuwait is quite new but is quickly emerging as a leader among the other online taxi booking apps and has gained enormous popularity amongst its customers. When it comes to renting a taxi in Kuwait that is safe, seamless in process, pocket friendly and luxurious, Riderove becomes a one stop solution. RideRove is a taxi booking app which is compatible with iPhone and Android both. It provides round the clock online taxi service in Kuwait to make sure that the travel experience is extremely smooth and comfortable.

2.       Q8 Taxi services – This taxi booking application is one of the few firsts of its kind that was initiated in Kuwait. This application is exclusively pocket-friendly when it comes to renting a taxi in Kuwait. It provides one of the best rated online taxi services in Kuwait.

3.       Careem- Do you also feel that the name has a special ring to it? This application provides the option of renting a taxi in Kuwait. This taxi booking company revolves around the idea of the quickest service provider so that the customer need not have to wait.

4.       Araba Ho – If you want to rent a taxi in Kuwait and you choose to do so from Araba Ho, you would be hiring a taxi from a company that has been in the car rental business for over four decades. This online taxi service in Kuwait is best known to serve the tourists.

5.      BIM BIM Bikes – As cheerful as the name sounds, this renowned bike rental application, based out of Kuwait is known for providing various types of bikes for your perfect and personalized travel time.  Right from Parent-child tandem to a trekking bike, this application provides about thirty options of various types of bikes one might want to hire.

Kuwait is a gem and a visual treat for its tourists, where the tourism industry is slowly emerging. Travelling to Kuwait is now equally accessible and feasible. When you plan on travelling there, you now  know the right taxi app you may want to use for renting a taxi in Kuwait. Our personal favourite that we love to recommend is RideRove but you may choose to pick your own favorite taxi booking app of Kuwait, Happy Travel!