Top 5 Car Rental Apps in Kuwait

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Kuwait is one of the fastest growing countries and one of the wealthy ones of the Middle East. Apart from petroleum, there is a significant rise in entrepreneurship and small business start-ups, which has resulted in the rise of per capita income of the people of Kuwait. 

Also, with growth in wealth of people, there has also been a rise in pollution, environmental issues and traffic, too. With these issues, people think it’s wise to use taxi services rather than to drive around in their own vehicles and worry about the traffic and parking space. 

Hence, here are top 5 car rental apps in Kuwait that can help you! 


When you just don’t want a normal ride in a normal car, RideRove comes into the picture. As a unique car rental in Kuwait, RideRove is offering a luxury packed with convenience. RideRove is providing safe, reliable and pocket friendly luxury rides equipped with professional drivers. In addition to that, RideRove also gives you options to schedule a pick up for a later time and also, it’s dashboard allows you to see all your past trips in one place for your future convenience. RideRove is a taxi service in Kuwait app that’s compatible with iPhone and Android, both. It provides 24*7 online taxi service in Kuwait to make sure your travel experience is really smooth and comfortable.

Grand Limo

When you are a fan of sleek and fancy, Grand Limo works for you. It does cost more than regular car rental in Kuwait but it does treat you for the worth of it. Their unique Kuwait taxi service even comes with a free use of an iPad and free WiFi. If that’s not enough, it even has a security feature of an in-built camera system that gives you live tracking for you and your loved ones. 


Careem is very much similar to Uber. Uber available in Kuwait but when it comes on competition, Careem and Uber are close competition. Careem also lets you schedule your rides and gives you the option to ride later. In addition to that, it also has a highly reliable and vast private car network for Kuwait taxi service. Now, whether you want a ride, order food, shop, pay or become a rider yourself, Careem as a car rental in Kuwait has it all. 

Q8 Taxi 

Q8 was one of the first launched car rentals in Kuwait. The app does not charge expensive rates as it also works with local street car rental services Kuwait. When everything you’re looking for is a hassle-free and convenient ride experience at an affordable rate, Q8 Taxi works perfectly fine for you. The app is available on iOS and Android, both. The application works through the GPS to coordinate with the driver allocation based on the proximity and driver’s availability. All you need to do is select your pick up, drop off location and tap on request taxi and relax. You’ll be notified when the taxi has reached your location. 


Talyaa is the one app for all your car rental services in Kuwait. It is an all-in-one experience. It provides you solutions for your everyday transportation needs, taxi services, grocery shopping, pharmacy and flower delivery, road services, gas cylinders delivery, car rentals, and a lot more. It is fast and reliable and also, it possesses a large fleet and trained staff that they can leverage on providing their customers for a hassle-free riding experience. The rates for taxi service in Kuwait are also set at competitive prices. Also, as we all know, the pandemic is upon us. And hence, their drivers also undergo daily health checks and temperature screening. Now, next time when you need to run an errand and you’re in need of a taxi, you know who to call! 

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